Emma Ellingsen: – Wants a boyfriend

Celebrities flocked to Petter Stordalen’s new hotel, Sommerro, on Thursday evening. It was the stage for the first ELLE gala in Norway.

Among those who appeared was influencer and model, Emma Ellingsen (21).

She could reveal that she is very ready to find love.

– I have never had a boyfriend, so I would like to have that type of relationship with someone and think it is very nice. I take it very easy and don’t chase after something that isn’t there, but yes, I really want a boyfriend, she says to God kveld Norge.

– Date a little

Furthermore, the influencer says that she has dated a bit, but that so far it has not turned into anything serious.

– I date a bit, but nothing has come of it. I just enjoy myself and talk to a few people here and there. I hope to find a girlfriend soon.

Although the dating has not yet ended in a relationship, Ellingsen hints that there is someone who has caught her attention a little extra.

– There are some people I have an extra good eye for, she laughs.

Becomes a presenter

Recently, Ellingsen has relaunched her make-up brand, from Emma Ellingsen Beauty to Slayer Beauty.

In addition to this, the model will be a presenter in the New Year in the program “Annerledes”.

Here, Ellingsen will meet known and unknown people who have felt that they are not the same as everyone else.

She herself has long been open about being born in the wrong body. Among other things, she has shared her journey in programs such as “Born in the wrong body”, “Generation Z” and in “Bloggers”. In addition to this, she has shared her story on YouTube.

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