Emmanuel Macron, like Joe Biden, wants the reform of the UN Security Council

This question is not new, but since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, it has resurfaced in the Western camp to deal with Russian blockages.

War in Ukraine, North-South relations … Emmanuel Macron spoke on Tuesday at the podium of the United Nations General Assembly in front of more than 150 heads of state gathered in New York. He spoke at length about the situation of the war in Ukraine and its consequences for international diplomacy.

The French president thus returned to the question of a reform of the UN Security Council, the executive body of the United Nations, in which the five permanent members – China, the United States, France, the United Kingdom Kingdom and Russia – possess veto power. If the idea of ​​a reform resurfaces regularly, it is today boosted by Russian blockages on the Ukrainian subject, while the UN appears relatively powerless in the context of this conflict.

Limit the right of veto “in the event of mass crimes”

“I hope that we will finally begin the reform of the UN Security Council”, launched Emmanuel Macron.

He believes the members of the Security Council “are no longer the only ones to have their say” and that it is necessary to “work more broadly for the international consensus necessary for peace”.

An analysis which pushes him to ask for a reform of the Security Council “so that it is more representative, that it welcomes new permanent members, that it is able to play its full role by limiting its right of veto in the event of mass crimes”. The whole, “to build peace and the contemporary international order in the service of the objectives of our charter” of the United Nations.

A workhorse for the Americans

Joe Biden also intends to address the issue of Security Council reform at the United Nations General Assembly, which has become a hobbyhorse for the Americans since the invasion of Ukraine, his main diplomatic adviser said on Tuesday. .

“We are still determining whether it will be publicly or in talks with the (UN) secretary-general and others,” he added, indicating that it was however “very possible” that Joe Biden speaks publicly about it.

More generally, the American president intends to rally as many countries as possible around a condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine, after major emerging countries have publicly distanced themselves from Russia recently.

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