Emmanuel Macron’s words on working time: Sandrine Rousseau evokes a "dangerous speech"

The member of EELV and president of the political council of the environmental campaign supported the idea of ​​arriving at 32 hours of working time “on the week”.

The economist responds to the president. Invited this Tuesday evening of 222H Max on BFMTV, Sandrine Rousseau was questioned about the remarks made this morning by Emmanuel Macron on the occasion of the presentation of the France 2030 investment plan.

“When we compare ourselves, we are a country that works less than the others, that remains true,” recalled Emmanuel Macron, “we have an amount of allocated work that is not at the right level. of life and cumulative schedules. We have a strength which is the social and educational model and a weakness is that we no longer have the productive model that allows it to be financed. “

“To have this speech is to give up on increasing the quality of work”

Words that did not fail to make the politician of EELV and professor and researcher in economics react.

“Every time we say to ourselves that we allow the working time to increase, what happens is that not everyone works full time”, explains Sandrine Rousseau on our antenna, “and who does not not working full time? It is the precarious employees and in particular the women who choose to reduce their working time for a part but for the most part, three quarters undergo part-time work “

“To have this discourse is to give up sharing the work, to increase the quality of work rather than the quantity, it is therefore a dangerous discourse”, she believes, “we leave the companies and the market of work decide who will have a full-time job and who will have a degraded-time job, this means that there will be two types of employees: those full-time with a linear career and those who have fragmented, staggered working hours during the day and who cannot exceed the poverty line because they do not work full time. “

The unsuccessful candidate for the environmentalist primary assured that Yannick Jadot will defend during the campaign the reduction in working time and the four-day week: “32 hours a week with compensation for the lowest wages so that he does not there is no purchasing power “.

Hugues Garnier BFMTV reporter

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