Emolientero will appear with Kate del Castillo on the scene of “The Queen of the South” | VIDEO

The recordings of the third season of “The Queen of the South” They caused a stir in our country. The cast of the successful Netflix and Telemundo production first stirred Cusco and last Wednesday the Center of Lima, where the last scenes were filmed.

Thus, an emollient identified as Nixon Sangay revealed in statements for 90 Noticias de Latina that will appear in one of the scenes of the series, next to Kate del Castillo, whom he had the privilege of meeting when his brief participation was recorded.

The man told the newscast that He was taken from the United Nations Avenue to the Carabaya street, in Cercado de Lima, for filming. “Several people have tasted the series. (What did they tell you?) That it was very tasty. They have taken maca, quinoa with fruit, maca with fruit and the traditional emollient ”, revealed.

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“The Queen of the South 3” in Peru

The filming of the third season of the series began in Peru on September 30 and ended on Wednesday, October 13. Cusco was the place chosen to record most of the scenes that will be seen in the production and then they moved to Lima, where they only took a few shots in the Historic Center.

Peruvian actors Gerardo Zamora, Emanuel Soriano, Rodrigo Palacios and Mayella Lloclla were selected to participate in the new installment of the series. They have been at both locations with Kate del Castillo and the other members of the cast making the recordings.

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