Emperor Naruhito’s only daughter Aiko is growing up: what’s changing

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From: Annemarie Göbbel

Princess Aiko will soon celebrate her 20th birthday (symbol picture). © Kyodo News / Imago

Emperor Naruhitos and Empress Masako’s daughter Aiko will soon be 20 years old. The date for the celebrations on the occasion of her coming of age has already been set.

Tokyo – As the birthday of the only daughter of the Emperor of Japan falls on a weekday, the celebrations are pushed back to the following weekend. The study of Japanese literature at the Gakushuin University of the then adult princess should not suffer. Due to the pandemic situation, there will be no banquet.

But the program for Princess Aikos (19) coming of age on December 5 is bursting with formal celebrations, reveals 24royal.de *.

Aiko will visit the imperial shrines to pray. The ceremony stipulates that the princess then dressed in traditional Japanese clothing in front of her parents Kaiser Naruhito* (61) and Kaiserin Masako* (57) appears. Also her grandparents, the retired imperial couple Akihito* (87) and Michiko (87), will be present.

The pandemic is taking another toll: Princess Aiko* will wear the diadem of her paternal aunt, Sayako Kuroda (52), the former Princess Sayako. It is adjusted to fit perfectly on your head on this important day. Japanese princesses are actually getting a new tiara for their 20th birthday, but the imperial house apparently decided to save the money due to the pandemic. Why not them Her grandmother Michiko’s chrysanthemum tiara* is allowed to wear remains a state secret.

In the imperial palace, Aiko is solemnly presented with the Order of the Noble Crown Grand Cross. The Japanese order is an award of the highest level that is generally only bestowed on female members of imperial families. The Prime Minister and other members of the government will then have the opportunity to convey their congratulations to the princess before Aiko appears before the press.

Since the princess is the only child of the imperial couple, there was Speculation as to whether an heir to the throne should be adopted*. Female descendants are not allowed to ascend the throne. *24royal.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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