EnBW announces massive price increases for household electricity

Not a good customer for EnBW customers – and other companies will certainly follow. Since the beginning of 2021, loud expression of the company on the energy exchanges, the long-term procurement prices for electricity have now increased up to sevenfold. These cost increases are primarily driven by higher prices for fossil fuels such as coal and gas. They are forcing EnBW to lower the prices for household electricity in the basic supply tariff as of October 1, 2022 an average of 31.1 percent to raise If one takes into account the relief resulting from the passing on of the elimination of the EEG surcharge, the price level is 15.2 percent above the previous year, according to EnBW. The tariffs beyond the basic service increase to a similar extent. EnBW’s price adjustment is in the current market midfield:

The working price for the kilowatt hour in the basic supply tariff for household electricity will be 37.31 cents from October 2022. This corresponds to an increase of 10.02 cents compared to September 2022 and 5.58 cents compared to the previous year before the end of the EEG surcharge¹. For a model household with an annual consumption of 2,900 kWh, this results in a monthly cost increase of approx. 24.22 euros, or 13.49 euros compared to the prices before the EEG surcharge was abolished. In the case of heat flow, EnBW can refrain from adjusting the price at this point in time.

What about people who can no longer handle it? To do this, you share:

At the same time, we at EnBW have decided not to cut off electricity and gas in the coming heating period, especially in households with a heavy financial burden. Because we want to prevent them from getting into an additional emergency situation as a result of the closures. That is why we will look for other solutions together with our customers, in coordination with political measures.

In addition, EnBW is planning to introduce a one-off gas savings bonus of EUR 100. In this way, the energy company wants to make a contribution to reducing gas consumption during the heating period and also offer its customers an incentive to do so. The bonus is aimed exclusively at existing EnBW gas customers who use at least ten percent less gas than in the previous year’s heating period. EnBW will provide details in the coming days enbw.com/gas/gassparpraemie inform.

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