Maite Kelly during the recording of the ARD TV show FOR THE VERY LAST TIME: THE BIG SHIT FAREWELL!  on October 22, 2022 in Leipzig.

end of career? Maite Kelly makes it clear: her daughters are “first priority” for her

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Maite Kelly knows that she will not always be on stage – her family is the top priority for the hit star and her girls need her. © IMAGO/STAR MEDIA

Maite Kelly knows that she will not always be on stage – her family is the top priority for the hit star and her girls need her.

Cologne – A life without the big Schlager stage should be completely foreign to Maite Kelly (43) – the singer was on the stages of the world in her infancy and has been a celebrated star ever since. It all started for Maite with what is probably the most well-known extended musical family, “The Kelly Family” – together with her eleven siblings, music was everyday life and together the Kellys wrote music history. In the meantime, Maite Kelly is not only successful as a solo artist, but has also founded her own family, for which the hit star would give up everything.

Even if music was the focus of Maite’s life and probably played the biggest role during her childhood, there is something in her life today that is even more important: her daughters. The three girls Agnes (16), Josephine (14) and Solène (8) have the highest priority for the artist and could be the driving force behind the 43-year-old considering a possible career end.

Maite Kelly: For her children, the hit star drives home after every performance to spread the sandwiches

“At some point I will no longer be on stage. At some point it will be over,” Maite said in clear words to “The New Leaf” after separating from her ex-husband Florent Michel Raimond five years ago. For the musician, one thing is certain: “The girls come first in my life. And I believe that when you have a calling, your calling also embraces motherhood. And I protect this motherhood. And that is ultimately the great power of my success”.

So Maite tries to come home to her children after every performance – no matter how late – to be there for the girls in the morning as a mother and to spread the sandwiches. The 43-year-old does not abandon her offspring because she knows: “The children leave home quickly, but they need me!”.

If at some point the balancing act between stage and family life is no longer so easy to manage, we now know that the stage would draw the short straw for Maite. But the music will remain for the singer – at least in writing. Because the musician wants to continue writing “retired”, Maite revealed in the podcast “But please with Schlager”. Whether children’s books or songs for other artists – that’s her passion and it will stay.

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