end of "epidemic situation"? Söder warns of drastic consequences – especially for schools

The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) warns of an expiry of the epidemic situation at the federal level. If this happens, “there is no longer any legal basis – no matter what. Neither for testing in school, nor for masks, nor for normal ideas like 3G plus, or 2G or 3G,” he said on Thursday morning in Bavarian Broadcast. At that moment, “it’s not just Freedom Day, but then there is no longer any possibility. To a certain extent, society is defenseless.” Then each individual would have to take care of his or her protection.

Söder said you don’t have to make a forecast four weeks in advance. The numbers rose significantly and the situation became more difficult. In fact, the 7-day incidence in the Berchtesgadener Land district rose to over 400 – the highest value since mid-April. He stressed that you need a “clean, sensible legal basis” in order not to be defenseless if the numbers rose again in winter. But it does not depend on the expression epidemic situation. What you call the basis is not decisive.

Söder warns: “School with a clear conscience is difficult to do”

The epidemic situation is the basis for ordinances and central corona measures in Germany. It was first established by the Bundestag in March 2020 and later extended several times by Parliament. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) spoke out on Monday in consultations with the health ministers of the federal states that there would be no renewed extension. This would mean that the nationwide Corona emergency would expire on November 25th.

In the interview, the Bavarian Prime Minister also referred to the situation in schools. There are “very, very high incidences” – especially among children who cannot be vaccinated. “If the compulsory test were no longer required, it would be difficult to go to school with a clear conscience.”

Söder also said he understands that people are annoyed by the measures. But there will be no further lockdown. It’s about safety and about having a clear conscience before winter, when the numbers would rise again.

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