Energy and costs: When can the provider turn off the gas?

  • So many people have debts at energy suppliers
  • enormous rise the gas price
  • composition of consumer price for gas
  • Under these conditions, a provider is allowed to supply gas interrupt
  • You can do it do against the interruption

According to the “Statistics on over-indebtedness of private individuals” of the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) from the year 2021 had in the past year almost a third of all consumers covered by debt advice debts at energy companies. The current situation, especially with the price of gas, gives reason to fear that even more people will turn to the supply can no longer afford can become. Because the prices for natural gas are enormous within a year increased. According to the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management (BDEW) the price for a kilowatt hour of gas has increased more than from the second quarter of 2021 to the same period in 2022 doubled – for households in single-family houses from 6.32 cents to 15.30 cents. A similar picture emerges for households in apartment buildings no longer pay can, threatens interruption this. Energy companies need to get involved legal regulations keep.

Gas: That’s why the costs are rising

In the public perception is related to rising gas prices the Ukraine war in focus. But the development began even before that. Noisy BDEW is that because of economic recovery during or rather despite the corona pandemic. The global economic upswing led to the increased demand by raw materials. As a result, prices rose sharply internationally.

Why the spread of COVID-19 in many countries the gross domestic product (GDP) increase let, scientists of the Institute of the German Economy Cologne (iW) analyzed. Among other things, led the enormously high stimulus and aid packageswith which the governments the company supported have, to the upswing. The packages in the US, for example, account for 25 percent of real GDP.

Since the beginning of the Ukraine war, wholesale prices soared again for gas.

This is how gas prices are made up

The largest proportion of gas prices for consumers, what matters is the part that neither energy supplier nor the federal government can influence – the world market price. This is 64 percent for single-family houses and 65 percent for multi-family houses.

The so-called regulated network charges including measurement and measuring point operation, is 12 percent for single-family houses and 10 percent for multi-family houses. Taxes, duties and the CO₂ price account for 24 and 25 percent respectively.

You heat with gas? You can find out here which alternatives to gas heating are available.

Gas: In these cases, the provider may interrupt the supply

What happens when a household really can’t afford the gas anymore? Under which requirements the provider may interrupt the supply of gas, goes out of the Basic Gas Supply Ordinance (GasGVV) out – an overview of the most important points in the GasGVV:

  • If the customer despite warning not paid, the basic supplier may four weeks after the announcement the interruption with the gas supply pause. He then commissions the responsible network operator with the necessary steps.
  • It’s as simple as that though certain cases Not. According to the GasGVV, the measure may not be carried out if this Body and life of those affected are at risk. This is the case, for example, if you cook with gas and a baby lives in the household. Of course it has to proven will.
  • According to the regulation also give in if there is a reasonable prospect that the customer will obligations follows.
  • the gas supply may only be interrupted if the payment obligation at least a sixth the expected amount annual accounts matters – at least 100 euros.
  • The basic provider is obliged to threat about possibilities for avoidance to inform of the interruption. These include, for example offers of helpprepayment systems or state support options.
  • Furthermore, the provider must be aware of the possibility of concluding a Waiver Agreement Clues. This includes one, for example interest-free installment agreement.

Should your gas already switched off the following applies: As soon as you fulfill one of the requirements, the interruption must canceled immediately will.


primary care may interrupt the gas supply if you payment obligations not complying. Under certain conditions you can take such a step turn away.

The requirements are from legislature specified in such a way that consumers have some options, the interruption avoid. As the term “basic provider” already indicates, a warm home and a warm meal a kind of fundamental right. Providers strive to join you solutions to find.

However, you shouldn’t your head in the sand stuck and reminders as well as the announcement ignore the interruption. You can find help at serious debt advice. The state too supports you under certain conditions.

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