Energy costs: Electricity price today: This is what one kWh of electricity costs on November 24th

As a result of the energy crisis, consumers in Germany will pay more for energy in 2022 than ever before. How much does electricity cost on November 24th.

The price of electricity in Germany rose sharply in 2022 due to the war in Ukraine. Because of the explosion in prices for energy sources such as gas and oil, prices on the electricity exchanges have also skyrocketed. Politicians reacted with various measures, but were only able to partially stem the rise in prices. How high is the current one electricity price today is November 24, read here.

We have summarized a lot of information on the development of the electricity price and current forecasts for you here.

Electricity price current: The prices for a kWh today on November 24th

The price of electricity for consumers has increased Germany moderately developed so far. Due to the current energy crisis and high inflation, however, it can be assumed that energy suppliers will soon pass the increased costs on to their customers. Our table is based on data from the comparison portal “electricity information” and shows the current average prices for new customers.

date primary care Lowest green electricity tariff Lowest alternative tariff

Electricity price on November 17th

39.13 cents per kWh

48.62 cents per kWh

45.11 cents per kWh

Electricity price on November 18th

41.25 cents per kWh

47.60 cents per kWh

45.12 cents per kWh

Electricity price on November 21st

42.13 cents per kWh

46.27 cents per kWh

45.03 cents per kWh

Electricity price on November 22nd

42.52 cents per kWh

45.86 cents per kWh

45.03 cents per kWh

Electricity price on November 23rd

42.67 cents per kWh

45.72 cents per kWh

45.02 cents per kWh

Electricity price on November 24th

43.55 cents per kWh

45.57 cents per kWh

44.72 cents per kWh

During the energy crisis, the otherwise more expensive basic suppliers were sometimes cheaper than the competition. Now that seems to be reversed again: the prices are getting closer and closer. One kWh of green electricity currently costs an average of just 2.02 cents more than one kWh from the basic supplier. The cheapest alternative contract is roughly in the middle between the two prices.

Overall, long-term trends are currently emerging in the electricity price. Short-term fluctuations, on the other hand, have hardly any impact on most consumers. Because: If you are an existing customer, you pay the price agreed in the contract. However, contracts are not a guarantee for lower prices either.

Electricity price in Germany: How has the price developed in 2022?

The forecast of electricity prices from 2023, about which Markus Barella – founder of the electricity consulting company “First Energy” – in the show “plus minus” has spoken, would mean for a family of four that their costs could increase to up to 250 euros a month with a consumption of 4,000 kWh per year. Nor are such enormous cost increases However, this has not yet happened for electricity – the price development in 2022 shows rather an up and down. Our table with the average new customer prices is based on information from “electricity information”.

Month primary care Lowest green electricity tariff Lowest alternative tariff

January 2022

36.93 cents per kWh

60.19 cents per kWh

54.83 cents per kWh

February 2022

40.03 cents per kWh

41.96 cents per kWh

41.80 cents per kWh

March 2022

38.93 cents per kWh

39.41 cents per kWh

37.94 cents per kWh

April 2022

38.92 cents per kWh

46.23 cents per kWh

45.01 cents per kWh

May 2022

40.77 cents per kWh

44.72 cents per kWh

44.28 cents per kWh

June 2022

39.85 cents per kWh

39.60 cents per kWh

39.20 cents per kWh

July 2022

39.57 cents per kWh

37.54 cents per kWh

36.29 cents per kWh

Aug 2022

37.83 cents per kWh

44.51 cents per kWh

44.41 cents per kWh

Sep 2022

38.11 cents per kWh

40.38 cents per kWh

40.03 cents per kWh

It becomes clear when looking at the price development 2022 above all that the prices for green electricity have approached the average electricity price from the default supplier. At times, green electricity was even cheaper. The price of electricity has leveled off at around 38 cents since September and is only subject to slight fluctuations. In terms of forecasts, that could change from 2023 onwards.

Electricity Price by State: Where Electricity is Most Expensive on November 24th

The price of electricity depends on where you live and which electricity provider you are a customer of. Because even if the prices are converging: the trend is in energy and price crisis, the basic suppliers are the cheapest. Of Federal State The price per kWh can vary greatly from state to state. According to “electricity information”, the main reasons for this are the network usage fees and the competition between local electricity providers. The following table therefore only compares the basic suppliers.

Federal State Electricity price per kWh (basic supplier) on November 24th


44.76 cents per kWh


40.94 cents per kWh


35.93 cents per kWh


42.87 cents per kWh


38.02 cents per kWh


37.08 cents per kWh


47.03 cents per kWh

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

42.82 cents per kWh

Lower Saxony

43.23 cents per kWh

North Rhine-Westphalia

41.77 cents per kWh


44.13 cents per kWh


34.68 cents per kWh


49.07 cents per kWh


47.21 cents per kWh


41.13 cents per kWh


55.87 cents per kWh

Germany overall 43.55 cents per kWh

Looking at the average electricity price in the federal states, it can be seen that consumers in Thuringia pay by far the most, where the electricity price is now well above the mark of 50 cents per kilowatt hour. Only in four federal states do consumers currently have to pay less than 40 cents on average for new contracts. The people in Saarland are currently getting away the cheapest.

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