Energy costs: Energy consumption: Mülheimer Medl sends meter readers out again

Because too few customers read the meter themselves, Mülheimer Medl uses a number of meter readers to check the meter reading. What needs to be considered.

Around 11,000 meters – mainly in apartment buildings with gas central heating, but also electricity and heat meters – have to be read again at the end of the year in Mülheim. The energy supplier is currently reporting that Medl meter readers will be out and about in the city from November 28 to December 16, daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Everyone carries an employee ID card with them.

Health should continue to be the priority – for customers and employees. “Of course, our readers are equipped with masks,” says Jan Hoffmann, Sales Manager at Medl. Of course, it is also respected if the meter reader is denied access due to the infection.

Mülheimer Medl advises: “Have your employee ID card shown to you!”

In this case, or if nobody is repeatedly found at home, the employee leaves a self-reading card. There is a brief guide on how to do this on the website from the energy supplier at The Medl advises again this year: “Have the employee ID of the meter reader shown to you!” If you are unsure, you can call customer service and ask. All readers are stored there by name including telephone number. Medl customer service can be reached by telephone on 0208 / 4501-333, Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Medl also addresses the question of why readers are coming back at all. This is because the changeover to exclusive self-reading by customers has only just taken place. “However, since both the online reports and the return rates of the self-reading card were so low, our Mülheim energy service provider decided to do the reading again ourselves,” it says.

The system also calculates the new monthly payment

Reading the meters is important in order to record the exact energy consumption and thus create a proper bill. For this purpose, the current status is compared to last year’s, the actual consumption and the actual costs are calculated.

At the same time, the system uses the current consumption to calculate the new monthly payment for the coming billing period, so that there are no major deviations at the end of a billing period. Of course, the discount can be adjusted at the customer’s request, adds Medl.

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