Energy crisis: Ecowatt, the platform that allows you to control your electricity consumption



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A.Sylvain, J.-L.Boulesteix, D.Chevalier – France 2

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In order not to have a blackout this winter, some French people have registered with Ecowatt, the platform which allows them to control their electricity consumption.

Faced with rising electricity bills and the risk of cuts this winter, a new tool has been put in place to help the French. This is Ecowatt. Everyone will be able to monitor their consumption in real time and alerts will be sent in the event of overheating. Registered on the Ecowatt site, a man explains his approach: “I found it interesting to be registered, to participate in the collective effort to avoid the blackout next winter.”

In the event of a red alert on the electricity network, he will receive an alert by email and text message in order to lower. First of all, it will be for him to unplug his electric car during the day: “It’s a big energy consumer.” He can then switch off the oven, the dishwasher and the washing machine. He is also ready to lower the temperature to 18°C ​​in the house and put on a sweater. These small gestures are essential to avoid a blackout. In the event of overuse of the network, consumption should be reduced by up to 15%. Ecowatt therefore makes it possible not to come to this. More than 100,000 households have already registered on the platform.

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