Energy crisis: Gas surcharge decided: Gas could be so expensive

The traffic light coalition has agreed on the controversial gas levy. Private households must therefore expect further burdens.

It is “not an easy step” on what the federal government has now agreed, said Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) on Thursday. The announced gas surcharge comes. Objective of the measure: In the energy crisis triggered by the Ukraine war, the gas suppliers in Germany are to be protected from insolvency and delivery failures are to be prevented.

In addition to the effects of inflation, this means another for citizens burden. The high expenses of the energy importers should be spread over many shoulders. What costs for the gas you should expect from autumn.

Gas surcharge: How expensive will it be?

It is not yet clear how expensive the gas will be. According to the Federal Ministry of Economics, the amount of the levy should be 15th of August be communicated. According to the draft ordinance, it depends largely on the volume and price of the gas to be procured as a replacement and on demand.

Habeck had previously said the levy could increase to 1.5 five cents per kilowatt hour – that would mean additional costs of several hundred euros for private households.

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The media had reported that the surcharge would be even higher, since that too value added tax could be raised. According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, however, this should not be the case. Rather, Habeck made it clear that there would be further relief for citizens elsewhere.

Gas surcharge: when does it apply?

According to the information, the ordinance on the introduction of the gas surcharge will now be submitted to the Bundestag for consultation and then in Federal Gazette released.

It is expected to come into force in mid-August October 1 take hold and be limited to 2024. (afp/dpa/fmg)

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