Energy crisis: Jens Spahn causes outrage with a tweet against traffic lights

Jens Spahn (CDU): He drew angry comments with a Twitter post.

Jens Spahn (CDU): He drew angry comments with a Twitter post.Image: imago-images / photothek

The energy crisis is affecting everyone in Germany: some have to save a lot to be able to afford heating at all. the politics in turn tries to prepare something for the winter with energy saving measures and relief packages. And Jens Spahn? He criticizes the traffic light – and thus causes outrage among many.

On Twitter, the former health minister heavily criticized the traffic light government’s energy policy. Many users then put him in his place and, at their own failure, made the CDU attentive.

Jens Spahn railed against the traffic light government

Jens Spahn had previously drawn attention to himself with a harsh accusation against the ruling traffic light parties on Twitter. In it he writes:

“The traffic light will be really expensive for the citizens.”

Jens Spahn

First a gas surcharge to save Uniper, he writes. The Chancellor speaks of 300 euros more per family, experts would say it will be more than 1000 euros. Now there is a risk of another storage allocation for everyone, Spahn continues.

He severely criticized the traffic light parties for this approach, even writing of a “traffic light chaos”:

“It is clear that everyone will be burdened. Whether and how the burden will be relieved, there is lively traffic light chaos. That’s how small and medium-sized incomes pay the bill. That’s neither social nor market economy.”

Jens Spahn

The CDU politician has received some criticism for this. Several Twitter users addressed Jens Spahn directly and vented their anger at the angry tweet.

Twitter users express their displeasure

The accusation of the commenters on Twitter consists above all in that the CDU itself contributed to the situation while in government. Another accusation from the Twitter community: In the past, when the CDU participated in the government, there were also all kinds of costs for the citizens.

The issue of blame is relevant to a Twitter user, for example. He asks: “You have 16 years of creating the conditions for the current situationbut now the traffic light is to blame?”

Another critic commented sarcastically on Spahn’s statement: “Yes, really annoying that the traffic light made us dependent on Putin’s gas for 16 years. That’s how it was, wasn’t it?”

And if only someone with Spahn’s impressive foresight in the last 16 years in government

No new reaction from Spahn

The tweet backfired for the CDU politician. Because affirmative comments are rare. On the contrary, numerous comments of this or similar content rained down on Jens Spahn. He himself has not yet commented on the subject again.


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