Energy: Klimpel: Prepare now for winter due to lack of gas

Preparations must now be made for a possible gas shortage, according to the district administrator. He also exchanged views with Gladbeck’s energy supplier.

To on the winter and an eventual lack of gas To be prepared, District Administrator Bodo Klimpel has now exchanged views with energy suppliers. “How can we as a district and city provide support in the current situation?” With this question, District Administrator Bodo Klimpel opened the discussion with 13 representatives of the energy suppliers and network operators who supply the citizens of the Recklinghausen district with electricity, gas or district heating.

“It is important to us to open up an objective discourse on this complex of topics. We need to prepare now for what we can expect in winter. And we do that as administrations just like they do energy supplier. Now it is important to bring these things together and, as strong partners, to achieve the best for the people in our region,” said the district administrator.

Energy companies: raise awareness of saving electricity now

In addition to the exchange of content, according to the district administration, the meeting was primarily about one thing: Networking. That is why, in addition to the district administrator on the administrative side, Martin Böhme, head of civil protection, and Dominik Schad, head of the job center and head of the Ukraine crisis management team, took part.

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The representatives of various municipal utilities, Uniper, Westnetz, ELE, Gelsenwasser and Westenergie described exactly how the preparations in the individual energy companies are being prepared. Many are already in talks with their customers and have concepts and strategies for dealing with an impending gas shortage would handle. It is also important to raise awareness now of saving electricity – and that applies to all areas: for companies and private households.

According to the experts at the meeting, fan heaters are not a solution for winter

No solution for the feared shortage of gas are heaters, the electricity to run. “It’s easy to calculate what the simultaneous operation of many fan heaters would mean. Ultimately, this leads to grid overload and power outages. That doesn’t help anyone,” everyone agreed.

District Administrator Klimpel explained that the district administration was already active in various areas. In addition to the savings potential of the administration, an internal working group was also concerned with what offers the district could provide as a supplement to the cities. There is also an exchange with the economic development agencies of the ten towns belonging to the district in order to find companies with a view to the winter to offer support together.

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