Energy policy: Energy supply: SPD takes responsibility for the city of Mülheim

The price increases can also have massive consequences for citizens. Which steps the city of Mülheim’s SPD is hoping for.

In order to keep the social effects of the current price increases, especially in the energy supply, within limits, the Mülheim SPD also hold the city leaders to account. The Social Democrats made this clear at a discussion event held by several local associations.

“The most important finding of the event is that everyone involved must work closely together to cushion the social effects of the massive price increases, especially for poorer citizens,” said the three local club chairmen Cem Aydemir (Broich), Thomas Bergmann (Saarn, Selbeck, Mintard ) and Sebastian Kirsch (Speldorf).

SPD Mülheim relies on close cooperation within the city

For the trio, concerted action by all those involved is necessary with regard to an affordable energy supply in the future – “from the city administration to the local energy supplier to the housing associations and the tenants’ and landlords’ associations”.

Mülheim’s city leaders are called upon to “make suggestions that can be implemented promptly for such a coordinated approach at the municipal level.”

Member of the Bundestag Sebastian Fiedler: “Populist swindling”

The SPD member of the Bundestag, Sebastian Fiedler, presented the federal government’s packages of measures. On the one hand Fiedler pushes the pace when it comes to organization, but on the other hand he also knows about the difficulties. “Technical, legal and sometimes also data protection issues play a role here. Anyone who tells the population otherwise is doing populist trickery,” explained Fiedler.

With a view to North Rhine-Westphalia, Rodion Bakum, member of the state parliament, doubted whether the rescue package for public utilities set up by the state government was really sufficient and would protect the municipalities in the event of a crisis. (mad)

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