English in primary school: “challenge taken up by the State”, says the minister

Back to school is an important date for students and their parents, but also for workers in the education sector. This year, the start of the new school year is marked by several improvements and changes, in particular the digitization of several hundred primary schools, but also the introduction of the English language from 3th primary year.

According to the Minister of National Education, Abdelhakim Belabed, the introduction of the English language in the primary level (3rd year class) from this school year 2022-2023, is a challenge taken up by the State to allow students to learn this universal language. The latter kicked off this school year from the Lalla Fathma N’Soumer primary school in the wilaya of Djanet.

He indicated that the sector “has been there by mobilizing all the human and material resources to meet the challenge of teaching the English language in the 3rd year of primary school”.

Generalization of the teaching of the English language for the classes of 4th and 5th primary years

The Minister of National Education did not fail to ensure that “the human framework for the teaching of this universal language as well as the textbooks were ensured at the level of all the educational establishments of the country”.
Also stressing that the teaching of this language was going to be generalized for the classes of 4th and the 5th primary year, mentioning “the organization of training sessions for the benefit of teachers of the English language with a view to continuous improvement of the level of their teaching”.

To conclude, the Minister called on the players in the sector to combine their efforts so that the challenge of teaching the English language is taken up, in particular teachers because of their proximity to students.

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