ENI stacca the dividend Monday March 20: what future for the cane a sei zampe?

ENI stacca the dividend Monday March 20: what future for the cane a sei zampe?

ENI stacca il dividendo e potrebbe repartire al rialzo – proiezionidiborsa.it

The seventh week that begins on March 20 will see the big di Piazza Affari staccare the dividend. In fact, it is about the 3rd and 4th tranches of the dividend for ENI and STMicroelectronics, respectively. Poiché di STMicroelectronics ci siamo occupati only qualche giorno fa, ci centreremo sul cane a sei zampe. If ENI has the dividend on Monday, March 20, with the payment date of March 22, what will be the future for the title?

I return dividends for the next seven weeks

Per ENI, if it comes from the third tranche, it gives €0.22 of a dividend of €0.88 expected for the year 2022. The liquidation of the fourth tranche will avverrà due mesi dopo, il 24 maggio, con data di stacco il 22 maggio. As always, the company does not distribute the dividend in a single solution, but divides it in at least two payments. This could be a way to encourage investors to have a long title in a portfolio.

Alle quotazioni attuale il rendimento della terza tranche corresponds to a rendimento dell’1.8%. If, therefore, if you also consider the fourth distributed to maggio, the yield comes out at 3.6%. Absolutely an excellent performance even per solo due tranche.

STMicroelectronics, once again, will pay the fourth tranche of the dividend foreseen for the exercise 2021. In this case, as a bit of the Italian-French society, the distributed dividend is very low. If I speak of $0.06, all quotas and the current exchange rate correspond to a yield of it 0.1%.

ENI stacca the dividend Monday March 20: what future for the cane a sei zampe? The indications of the graphic analysis

the title ENI (MIL:ENI) has used the seduta of March 17 at a price of €12,162, invariate rispectto alla seduta precedent.

The seventh week has come to an end, so it is the worsthaving regard to the variations of the prices that are of the volumes, from the scope of the invasion of Ukraine from part of Russia.

All the indicators are impostati al ribasso e adesso le quotazioni potrebbero dirigirsi verso area €11.25. Questo livello potrebbe essere un Best point of return, seeing that in the last year he has always stopped the discession of the title.

For the return to the rialzo, but, there will be an opportunity for a break on the resistance in area €13,116.

Su ENI all gli indicators sono impostati al ribasso

Your ENI all gli indicators are impostati al ribasso – proiezionidiborsa.it

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