Enrico presented a bill that will benefit athletes who need a sponsor

Provincial Senator Lisandro Enrico presented a bill that aims to promote and encourage the practice of sport in all its disciplines and expressions by creating a regime that allows all people who wish to become sponsors of athletes to support them in the development of their activities and receive a benefit in return.

Said bill, if it becomes law, will favor professionals or amateurs of all sports activities that are practiced within the province and the person or company that offers itself as a sponsor will obtain a tax benefit as a way to encourage this decision.

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In this regard, Enrico commented: “Those interested in being sponsors must make a contribution, in money or kind, directly to the athlete; then he must present a receipt confirming the transaction to the Sports Secretariat, which is in charge of issuing a sponsor quality certificate for the amount of money or species that he contributed ”.

On the other hand, the tax benefit that the sponsor will obtain will be the possibility of deducting from gross income tax the amount of the transfer or goods that have been delivered to the athlete, with a cap of 20 percent of the tax, based on the certificate previously delivered by the Secretariat.

In addition, this project contemplates the possibility that athletes can present all their projects or requests for financing with the aim that those who wish to be sponsors can know and choose between the different applications presented.

At the end, Enrico commented: “The project arises from the fact that we found numerous athletes in Santa Fe, federated and non-federated, who are unable to dedicate themselves exclusively to sport for lack of support, without being able to attend regional, national or international events due to not having the funds and that many times it ends up being the family or the locality as a whole who make the effort to support them ”.

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