Entertainment: Wattenscheid: oil barons meet bullies at the crime scene dinner

The spectators are there live at the “Dallas Murder” in the Beckmannshof in Bochum. The next crime scene dinner will be served with a Texan menu.

In good time before the start of the new theater season in autumn, the “Tatort Dinner” team invites you to the next exciting and entertaining live crime thriller. Here the viewers decide for themselves whether they want to actively intervene in the events or whether they would rather sit back and enjoy the investigation of a murder as a silent observer.

“The Dallas Murder” is on the program on Friday, November 4, at 7 p.m. (admission 6.30 p.m.) in the Beckmannshof, Berliner Straße 39.

Viewers experience the legendary “American way of life”. Here the audience becomes part of an amusing game about power, murder and money. The place of action is the oil kings’ ball. All present are also multi-millionaire magnates of the Texas oil industry. Apparently everyone is good friends with each other, but it quickly becomes clear who sets the tone here.

The machinations of a single gentleman with an elegant western hat and a fat grin determine the fortunes and misfortunes of an entire industry. When villain EA Juing and his wife Blue Ellen enter the hall at the “Oil Kings” ball, things really get going.

With peppery dialogues and intrigues about oil, power and money, up to and including murder, no eye stays dry. It stays in suspense until the end when the rough-and-tumble Dallas Sheriff tries to convict the killer.

Crime Scene Dinner: Tickets are available here

The motto “Yes, we can!” applies. Any resemblance to the 1990s series Dallas is anything but coincidental. Between the individual acts of the play, the audience is served a stylish four-course Texan meal.

Further information and ticket reservations are available online at tatort-dinner.de, or by calling the crime scene dinner ticket hotline on 02327 9918861 or at the event location on 02327 30370.

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