Entrepreneur tells how many years it took him to start living from his business

  • A businessman from Bogotá shows in a TikTok video how he started living from his business and how long it took him.

  • These types of stories positively influence and inspire all those who dream of being entrepreneurs.

  • The entrepreneurial culture has gained quite a lot of popularity in recent years, and more and more people are looking to open a business.

The CEO of Master Recovery Lab He has shared a video on his social networks showing how long it took him to start living from his business.

The video has reached a large number of views on TikTok, 2 million, and a general acceptance among Internet users, 138 thousand reactions. For this reason, they are the ones who show that these types of stories of overcoming are framed in a class of content that they enjoy watching.

This is a sign that, with patience, hard work and taking advantage of the right opportunities, each goal proposed by an entrepreneur can be achieved.

Entrepreneurial culture and its impact today

The entrepreneurial culture has been boosted in recent years due to the large number of stories that flood social networks. In fact, entrepreneurship for Latin American countries has been a constant topic of conversation for this reason. In Mexico, for example, this is reflected in certain statistical data shared by the Business Demographics Study who does the INEGIwhich mentions that there are about 4.4 million micro, small and medium enterprises. In sum, it was shown that of every 100 pesos that are generated in Mexico, the informal business scheme is responsible for 26 percent of this.

Likewise, it is shown that they generate an economic value comparable to 19.3 percent of that figure of the country’s GDP. During 2019, the closing figures were valued at 5 billion pesos. For this reason, the informal sector has proven to be as important as the formal sector.

In addition, according to what the study indicatesGlobal Business Cities 2022′ by Statista, there are 200 main cities to do business in LATAM. Among them, they stand out in the first place Sao Paulo from Brazil, followed by Buenos Aires in Argentina, and Santiago in Chile. On the other hand, Montevideo in Uruguay, the Mexico City Y Guadalajara in Mexico, Bogota in Columbia and Lime in Peru, they are also important cities for doing business.

Entrepreneur tells how many years it took him to start living from his business

through a video, the CEO of Master Recovery Labcompany dedicated to the restoration of equipment, showed how his rise from entrepreneur to businessman was and count how many years it took him to make a living from his business.

In it, images are shown of how it all began, in 2003, with a computer until it became a large, recognized company in Colombia over a period of 19 years.

This is the video shared by the CEO of Master Recovery Lab, Carlos Camargo:

@ccamargol story time #for you #entrepreneur #fyp #depeque #metgala #storytime #entrepreneurship ♬ Too Many Women – C. Tangana

The reception of this story has caused some users to express themselves in this regard, considering that this type of content motivates entrepreneurs to continue their search to consolidate themselves as recognized entrepreneurs and position their brand.

Here are some of the highlights of the post:

Beautiful message! A story told with evidence. I loved what he left me. Good luck, Lion Misfit!“, TheSpicy

“Perseverance Award” ReynerDanny Arevalo

“I appreciate your time to tell us your story. Motivates to get ahead and take advantage of opportunities. I wish you a lot of success!”, appleuser64323572

In addition to this video, he has shared another where he mentions all the difficulties he has had to go through during his journey, in addition to one where he tells what the digital data recovery work is about:

@ccamargol Reply to @appleuser64323572 Part One #storytime #greenscreen #lasbravas #fyp #for you #entrepreneurship #undertake #clarity #depeque ♬ original sound – Carlos A. Camargo
@ccamargol Reply to @rob98888 #for you #metgala #greenscreen #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #fyp #clarity ♬ original sound – Carlos A. Camargo

What do you think about this story? Would you dare to start your own business? What message has he left you?

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