Entrepreneur works hard to run the winery that her father left her

‘You don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only option left to you.’ This is a phrase that can define Sandra Gonzalez Vilca who lost his father during the pandemic. He was a hard-working man, fighter and with a great sense of humor, who opened the ‘Huanca’ winery 40 years ago in the heart of Santa Anita.

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“My dad (Sebastián González) sold vegetables in Jesús María. Since my mother stayed at home, he decided to open a small store for her to take care of and thus have an extra income. He began to bring the merchandise little by little on his tricycle. He was a very active and joking person. Thanks to his personality, he managed to retain many customers”recalled the 44-year-old merchant.

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Sadly, being cooped up at home at the start of the pandemic caused his dad to have a stroke. “We took him to the doctor and there they discovered that he had a tumor in his head. He was already big, we did everything possible, we went to Neoplastic, but he did not resist and he died ”she said through tears.

This loss could not knock her down because she had to watch over her mother Estela Vilca and also move the winery forward, since she had already taken over the post since 2012. “During this time I implemented delivery and payment with Yape. In addition, I received training at the Coca Cola Business School, where I learned about marketing, finance for wineries, product location, and much more. All this has helped me attract more customers. Now I work hard to carry forward the legacy that my father left me”, Sandra pointed out.


The winemakers need to have resolution capacity. That is, if they find a problem in their business, they should brainstorm proposals to find the solution.

The 'Huanca' winery opened its doors 40 years ago in the heart of Santa Anita.  Photos: Trome.
The ‘Huanca’ winery opened its doors 40 years ago in the heart of Santa Anita. Photos: Trome.


♦THE DEAL. This should include verbal language (what we say and how we say it) and body language (body gestures that indicate the willingness to attend).

♦THE RESPONSE TIME. Customers value the speed of attention, but this must be with warmth and enthusiasm.

♦ THE IMAGE OF THE PERSON WHO ATTENDS. This includes personal hygiene and the use of clean, business-appropriate attire. For example, they can use an apron.


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