Entrepreneurship: Four Tips to Avoid Being Scammed by a Client

The rise in e-business has generated more cases of fraud, which can affect not only customers, but also entrepreneurs. According to Felipe Porter, representative of Beetrack, small and medium-sized enterprises that have accelerated their entry into the digital world have become an easy target for digital criminals.

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Given this, it gives us some recommendations.

MAKE SURE YOUR ONLINE PAYMENT IS SUCCESSFUL. Either by transfer or card payment. Confirm that the amount has entered your account before dispatching the product.

HAVE VISIBILITY ON THE STATUS OF EACH ORDER. By monitoring each stage of the dispatch, you will not only give the client peace of mind, you will also be able to react in a timely manner to any unforeseen event.

TAKE A PHOTO. When they receive the order, make sure that the courier takes a photograph of the customer so that the delivery is satisfied.

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REGULAR CLIENT. Even if a customer has bought from you multiple times, always make sure they make the deposit first. Never ship unconfirmed.

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Undertake Trome| Even before the pandemic, we found 70% of the population suffering from some type of stress disorder. Peru is only five points below Mexico, which is the country with the highest work stress in the world. Faced with this situation, María Fe Maldonado, director of the emotional health platform ‘Centro Estar mejor’ gives us these tips to better manage tensions and face various situations:

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– Entrepreneurship can be a personal decision or perhaps even imposed, if life places you in a position where it does not give you a better alternative. However, we should not fall into emotional discomfort for this reason, if we learn to carry out this process in a cunning way.

– Like everything in life, if you focus only on the final goals, you can feel frustration or even give up unnecessarily along the way. The ideal is to set real short-term goals and on that, progress, step by step, day by day, but always with a clear purpose.

– Maintaining a balance with the other aspects of your life is also very important and even allows you to achieve greater productivity. It is elementary, to maintain a healthy relationship with oneself and with the environment: do sports, eat properly, give the mind space to rest and disconnect, maintain a good relationship with those who share daily, family, partner, children, etc. All this allows one to feel at peace and therefore can really be more productive and focused.

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– The basis of everything, so that the venture can prosper, outside working hours and the idea of ​​an innovative solution that your product can represent by which it will be successful; It is the security that you can have in yourself and in your own abilities and knowledge and in your willingness to adapt to circumstances; And all this translates into self-confidence, which is obtained through self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

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