Environment: China inaugurates the world’s largest dam


France 3

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A. Miguet, G. Caron, J. Xiong

France 3

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China has opened the world’s largest dam in Sichuan province. The first polluter on the planet, the country is turning more and more towards green energies.

A real juggernaut. China has inaugurated the largest dam in the world, in Lianghekou, in Sichuan province, at 3,000 meters above sea level. In these green mountains, the lives of residents have been disrupted by construction since 2014. This dam will save 13 million tonnes of coal per year. But houses will be destroyed, forcing the locals to leave.

We are very proud to participate in the construction of such a dam for our countryChina has 24,000 dams, which provide 17% of the country’s total energy.China is resolutely turning to green energies, with hydroelectric power, wind power, solar power, and nuclear power as well, but coal remains the country’s main source of energy, which remains the world’s leading polluter.“, concludes journalist Arnauld Miguet, on the spot.

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