Epic Games acquires Harmonix, the creator of Rock Band, to work on Fortnite

Epic Games and its director Tim Sweeney have big plans for the video game company. One of them has been to acquire different studios and developer companies, as it did with Psyonix, the creators of Rocket League. Now, Harmonix has arrived at the Epic study group, which will work with Fortnite.

Harmonix Music Systems, with 26 years of experience, is a video game manufacturer company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. The company is recognized for its contributions in the genre of music video games where they have won different awards for their titles, among which Guitar Hero and Rock Band stand out.

With no figures disclosed, it turned out that the agreement between Epic’s directors for Harmony was “monumental,” reported the website of Nintendo Life.

In a developer blog post, published on Tuesday, November 23, Harmonix answered some questions from its loyal fans, who relayed that they will continue to support titles such as Fuser, Rock Band and other games with DLC, servers and new seasons.

Harmony’s plans after the purchase of Epic

From Harmony they transmitted tranquility to their followers regarding the downloadable content of Rock Band: “We will continue with our existing DLC ​​plans … and there will be plenty of great tracks on the way as we wrap up 2021 and move into next year!”.

The company assured that the Fuser events will not have changes and that Rivals Seasons will carry out season 25, “fun, already planned and with many ideas for season 26 and beyond.”

Harmony added that they have no plans to make new instruments after passing into the hands of Epic Games and that both Fuser and their other video games will continue on Steam and on different consoles.

Epic, for its part, confirmed that Harmonix “will continue to support existing titles, including Rock Band 4.”

As for what Epic plans to do with Harmonix’s legacy as a creator of musical and rhythmic games, it remains a secret, but Harmonix claims that they will be working on “musical journeys and gameplay for Fortnite,” described by Epic as part of their plans. of metaverse.

As we work to build the metaverse, it takes this experience to reimagine how music is experienced, created, and distributed.”, They communicated.

Alain Tascan, Vice President of Game Development at Epic, said: “Together with the Harmonix team, we will transform the way players experience music from passive listeners to active participants”.

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