Epic Games Store finally lets you rate games!

Game News Epic Games Store finally lets you rate games!

The Epic Games Store has just added two features to its service: Game Ratings and Game Polls.

The Epic Games Store is often positioned as an advocate for developers. It is for this reason in particular that the service refused to set up player reviews and ratings, for avoid review bombing. That just changed.

Epic Games launches its anti-review-bombing player reviews

Epic Games has always said the Epic Games Store would never have forums, because they only bring toxic behaviors, according to them. But this week, after years of no player reviews, EGS just launch two new features: Game Ratings and Game Polls. According to the Epic Games Store, these features should allow players to give their opinions on the games, without allowing them to be abused.

The Game Ratings allow players to rate games, but they can’t write reviews. Players can rate games from one to five starsonly if they have played the game for a minimum of two hours. But there is one more detail: it will be random surveys. Indeed, not everyone will be able to rate the games. When you have finished playing a game, EGS may ask you to note itbut you cannot choose to rate a game. This is the service that will randomly choose players to note the title. When many ratings are posted, an average rating will be displayed on the game’s page. Epic did however specify that the EGS will not “spam” its players for ratings.

This approach protects games from review-bombing and ensures that people who leave ratings are actually players of the game.

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The Game Polls are, as their name suggests, surveys. Here too, players will be randomly chosen by the service to complete surveys about the games they play. Multiple-choice questions should allow to attach tags to gamesconcerning various elements such as the difficulty, the length of the games, the graphics, the number of playersetc… Exactly like for ratings, when tags are often quoted by players for a game, they will appear on the game page.

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Epic Games Store is available for everyone on PC.

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