Epic Games Store: Reveal the free games for December 1

The Epic Games Store has confirmed the first free games it will give away in December, while making Star Wars: Squadrons available to users today.

The Epic Games Store he updates his offerings every Thursday, and Thanksgiving is no exception to the rule. Today, the Epic Games Store has removed its previous games for free, giving away a new game as it reveals the games fans can expect next Thursday, December 1st.

Star Wars: Squadrons is the only free game on the Epic Games Store today, November 24, and will be available until December 1. That day, the game will be replaced by fort triumph Y RPG in a Boxthat will be available from December 1 to 8.

fort triumph is a strategy game inspired by XCOM, but in a medieval fantasy setting. Like XCOM, Fort Triumph uses permadeath to raise the stakes significantly, so players need to be careful with every move they make if they want to keep their characters alive.

Fort Triumph got mixed reviews from critics when it was first released, but strategy game fans looking for a new game might want to check it out while it’s free through the Epic Games Store.

Fort Triumph will be joined RPG in a Box in the catalog of free games on the Epic Games Store from December 1 to 8. RPG in a Box is a game where players create their own RPG adventures.

It’s been well received by fans, so anyone interested in that kind of crafting gameplay will be able to claim it for free starting next week.

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