Epic Store: These are the two free games for next week

Every week given away Epic Games in the in-house store games. Any user can use the provided full versions Download it for free for a week and then keep it. As a rule, those responsible always announce a week in advance which titles can be dusted off. This is usually a single game, but there are exceptions. Because last week they gave away two full versions. Today it was time again, punctually at 5 p.m. the secret was revealed. This week it’s all about fantasy.

These are the two free games for next week

This week the Epic Games Store once again has full versions in a double pack. Started with the roleplay Greenforge 1 – Mutagen. Even if the retro pixel look doesn’t suggest it, the title was only released last year. This is a remasters of the original game from 2001. You play a so-called “shaper”, a magician with the possibility to create life. The developers speak of a “unique” on the store page[n] open[n] Fantasy adventures in a strange alien world” with over 50 hours of gameplay.

The second title is that Iratus Lord of the Dead. The turn-based game combines tactics with roguelike and RPG elements. You take on the role of the necromancer Iratus, who has escaped after being imprisoned for thousands of years. Now he wants to regain his former power, for which he ultimately has one army needed. In the course of your campaign you will continue to expand your undead forces and become stronger and stronger.

From now on you can download these two free games

At 5 p.m. sharp, the games that were announced last week were also unlocked. He starts it off Car mechanic simulator 2018. Here you will experience the everyday life of a car mechatronics technician, with everything that goes with it, from a simple oil change to a complex replacement of a gearbox, nothing is left to be desired.

Additionally you can Game of Thrones: The Board Game download and get you in the right mood for the upcoming spin-offs. You can duel with up to five friends in an exciting battle to find out at the end of ten rounds who can adorn himself with the title “Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms”.

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