EPN accredited residence in Spain for investing 570 thousand euros

Madrid Spain.- The Spanish government acknowledged that former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has authorization to reside in Spain as an investor, although it denied that he had been granted a “golden visa”, as reported by El País at the end of May.

The Spanish Executive also said it did not know the total amount of investments that the former President has in the country, but detailed that Peña Nieto “accredited the investment worth 570 thousand euros, free of charges and encumbrances, in a commercial premises located in Madrid.” , according to a document to which Europa Press had access.

In a parliamentary response to which Europa Press has had access to a question from EH Bildu deputy Jon Iñarritu, the Government assures that “it has no record of the existence of any visa requested or issued in the name of Peña Nieto.”

The Basque deputy had asked if the former President had been given one of the so-called ‘golden visas’ for investors and had been interested in knowing the investment he had in Spain in order to have access to this visa reserved for large investors.

In its response, the Executive pointed out that Peña Nieto “is the holder of a residence permit as an investor” in accordance with the 2013 law to support entrepreneurs and their internationalization. Said law, he specified, “allows this type of authorization, among others, to owners of real estate in Spain with an investment value equal to or greater than 500 thousand euros” and who meet the rest of the requirements.

As the Government recalled, in order to obtain authorization it is not “necessary to accredit other investments, so it is unknown what other assets Peña Nieto might have for the purpose of obtaining authorization.” Thus, “the investments or capital that Peña Nieto may have globally in Spain are unknown.”

On the other hand, when asked by Iñarritu if the former Mexican President tried “some other regularization channel” before, the Executive said that he “requested a residence permit for cases not provided for in the Immigration Regulations, which was inadmissible for processing by not meet the requirements for it”.

The former Mexican president has lived in Spain for a long time.

In early August, the Mexican Attorney General’s Office reported that it was conducting an investigation against Peña Nieto for allegedly committing crimes of money laundering, electoral crimes, and illicit enrichment.

In July, the agency had reported the opening of a file against him for allegedly receiving irregular transfers from Spain.

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