Equip your car with Alexa: Echo Auto is 33% off!

As you will remember, we had already reported what are the excellent offers that Amazon has put in place on its Amazon Echo devices. Exceptional items for home automation enthusiasts, all united not only by the voice (and functions) of Alexa, but also and above all by the excellent offers proposed by Amazon, which in some cases has heavily reduced the purchase cost of the Echo range.

In this sense, we would like to point out today that it is part of this roundup of branded discounts Black Friday 2o21, even the small and compact Echo Auto, a miniature speaker, light and compact, and equipped with the typical functions of any other Amazon Echo device, but in a very small format, and specifically designed for use in the car!

The proposed price? Just € 39.99, against the originals € 59.99, per a 33% price cut! A small business, which will make the joy of those who, perhaps, dreams of a slightly smarter car, or has already experienced the functions and usefulness of Alexa, and now wants the support of the Amazon voice assistant even outside the home.

In practice, Echo Auto is a small device with a flat shape, designed to be placed on a special base to be hooked to the ventilation grilles inside the passenger compartment (and ideally in the center of the helm station). It is powered via Bluetooth from the 12V sockets that are normally found in every car (the cigarette lighter, in a nutshell), and can even be connected to the car stereo system thanks to a comodo jack audio da 3.5 mm (or even Bluetooth, for cars that have it).

Through it, and the internet connection obtainable in pairing con lo smartphone, Echo Auto it can therefore animate your vehicle with the support of Alexa, answering your questions, helping you in navigation, offering you music from Spotify or Amazon, and carrying out various other activities through the installation of the now known “Skills”.

Indeed, if you were in possession of it,Echo Auto it can also connect to Alexa-compatible devices that you already have in your home or garden, as long as they, of course, are already registered within theApp Alexa and are correctly set. In conclusion, Echo Auto aims to simplify the life of the modern motorist, bringing some of the comforts of Amazon home automation even inside the passenger compartment car which, if you are passionate about these devices, is not to be underestimated at all.

Explain the features of Echo Auto, we would say that there is nothing left to do but refer you to the product purchase page, but this not before having suggested, once again, to subscribe to the service Amazon prime which, especially considering the shopping of the Black Friday 2021, will guarantee you shipments very fast and free, in addition to access to many other additional services, not last Amazon Prime Video, with which you can watch movies, cartoons and TV series in streaming, for free, and from any device! An essential subscription in view of Black Friday 2021 shopping, whose activation is immediate and whose first 30 days of subscription are free, if – obviously – you have never been a subscriber.

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At this point we refer you to the Amazon offer dedicated to Echo Auto, as well as the general page that Amazon is dedicating to its Black Friday 2021, where you can freely consult the store’s countless proposals. Proposals that, moreover, are also conveniently available on smartphones, as long as you choose to subscribe to our four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, the ideal place to promptly receive information on all the best offers in progress on the various stores, with specific channels dedicated to: Offers, Hardware & Tech, Clothing and Sports and products Chinese. Happy shopping!

» Buy Echo Auto now for € 39.99 instead of 59,99€, discount of 33% «

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