Era at the end: Telekom deactivates the last payphones

Telekom had announced some time ago that all remaining telephone booths would be switched off one by one. The first step in this regard has now been taken, Telekom has deactivated all payphones.

That reports the daily News. Telekom has therefore recently started blocking the option of paying in cash at the remaining public telephones. Until now, it was possible to pay with coins, but that will soon be a thing of the past.

This is only the first step. At the end of January, the next step will be the payment function using the telephone card.

A few weeks ago, Telekom announced that it wanted to get the last of the telephone booths and telephone pillars down. According to Telekom, both systems are not up-to-date. They consume too much energy and are real power guzzlers, although they are hardly ever used. “On average it’s between 500 and 1250 kilowatt hours a year,” said a Telekom spokesman.

Easier availability of mobile communications

The use of public telephones has been at a low level for years, of course due to the increasingly cheaper availability of mobile phone contracts. The public telephones are now finally under attack. The time of the well-known yellow, then magenta-colored telephone boxes is long gone. They gave way to the telephone columns, which were open and only operated in a few places. According to Telekom, the dismantling will take a while. A short time ago, around 12,000 telephone booths were active nationwide. By the year 2025 they should all be gone from the cityscape. Telekom then wants to use the old telephone pillars for mobile smart cells at strategic points.
Infographic: The History of the Telephone BoothThe History of the Telephone Booth
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Logo, Deutsche Telekom, telecom, telecom company

Logo, Deutsche Telekom, telecom, telecom company

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