Erased after the presidential election, Marine Le Pen has returned in force for 2027

The head of the RN appeared impeccable with its 89 deputies on the steps of the Palais-Bourbon. A strategy of demonization and a concern for professionalization initiated post-2017 that it intends to maintain for the next five years.

The LR Gérard Larcher would give him the head of the Finance Committee, the Macronist deputy Céline Calvez assumes to want to seduce his troops … After another failure at the gates of the Élysée last April, Marine Le Pen is back in force after the legislative elections on Sunday, to the point of “blowing up the dikes”, which deplores Fabien Roussel. Within the party, we evoke the surprise after these results:

“Very honestly, after a presidential election of around 42%, we expected 40 deputies, no more. The most optimistic said 50”, relates to Philippe Olivier, special adviser to Marine Le Pen.

Even the principal concerned did not believe it. Monday evening, congratulating her 89 elected officials, she confides her astonishment, reports Release: “Well, there you go, we didn’t think you would be so numerous”. The polls themselves almost underestimated their number of elected officials by half. Some placing them in fourth position, behind the LRs, just hours before the first round.

After a relatively discreet presidential and legislative campaign, the boss of the RN is now campaigning for a 2027 candidate in an unprecedented presidential posture. The fault or thanks to an effective “de-demonization” strategy, assimilated failures and a Zemmour-Mélenchon media-hoarding duo.

A quiet but effective legislative campaign

We had known her to be more offensive. During the presidential election, Marine Le Pen showed a certain discretion. Barely an assumed declaration on the fact of choosing his media and a happening of the Ibiza collective denouncing his relationship with the Kremlin during one of his press conferences on his foreign policy have negatively enameled his campaign. Before the debate between the two rounds, she had even disappeared from the radar, leaving to isolate herself a few days before the big duel with her opponent.

In the legislative elections, Marine Le Pen continued her momentum. Few major declarations – if not to undermine the management by the Interior of the fiasco of the Stade de France – but a withdrawal into its stronghold of Hauts-de-France and a constituency of Pas-de-Calais surveyed lengthwise, wide and across. A campaign of such discretion as some media said “without momentum and without spring”. However, this strategy paid off. “Like Chirac in 95”, compares political scientist Anne-Charlène Bezzina.

“She let her elected officials work on their side in the field. Faced with a saturated image of the political landscape charged with the strong colors released by the Insoumis and Zemmour, she made the choice of political speech, rare but effective”, analyzes the master conference at the University of Rouen.

Philippe Olivier, his adviser, welcomes it: “If we were discreet, it’s because we plowed 577 campaigns!”.

Sorted as much as they could be by the party to avoid slippage as much as possible, the RN candidates saw their activity on social networks scanned. Every Thursday evening in May and June a videoconference brought them together during which the same directives circulated: “Do serious work”, “be careful not to play the matador”, “especially no thunderous declaration”. “We did not boast, nor sold the skin of the bear before having killed it. We were sober”, sums up the Lepenist strategist.

A parliamentary group dressed to the nines

This morning, for the return of her sheep, the shepherdess distributed clear instructions: “ties for gentlemen, jackets for women”. The objective: to play the contrast with “the circus” of the 72 LFI deputies. “The ‘packet of noodles’ and ‘soccer t-shirt’ culture, no thank you!” exclaimed the boss.

“We are not here to make our cinema”, declare party executives. “Not to put on a tie to fight the white male and the patriarchy, all this bullshit … No! We work, we respect the institutions”, supports Philippe Olivier, castigating a group “LFI which plays at the Flea market” .

The political formation has a clear aspiration: to gain respectability and show professionalism. “We are going to be a firm, but responsible opposition,” insisted Marine Le Pen. “We are going to carry out a work of great importance with great skill and a lot of seriousness”, she assures in front of the Palais Bourbon.

The means given by the National Assembly should largely allow the group to gain a footing, provided that it surrounds itself with the right people. Of a secretary general capable of welding and maintaining his 89 heterogeneous deputies, but also of relevant collaborators. In difficulty on this point, the party which must find between 300 and 350 profiles does not exclude zemmourist CVs. The party’s expert, Jean-Yves Camus puts this obstacle into perspective: “So many deputies will attract competent collaborators, without a doubt. It is the law of supply and demand of the Assembly”.

“Young people with very serious CVs could very well say that joining this group for a while would be a relevant career plan”, predicts the political scientist.

A demonized figure

“We made a mistake post-presidential because with this party, we have been mistaken from the start thinking that it will remain marginal”, stings the far-right specialist who evokes an “extremely resilient” party. “Marine Le Pen knows how to get up and learn from her failures” points in this direction Anne-Charlène Bezzina.

The party’s work to make itself more acceptable, in appearance at least, began in 2011 when Marine Le Pen was elected party president. In July 2017, a meeting of the political bureau set the course for softening: inflection on leaving Europe, on the euro, change of name… The National Front becomes “the National Rally”.

The entourage of the 2022 candidate is no longer exactly the same as in 2017 and figures disappointed with the new tone are joining Zemmour. According to those around her, she managed to free herself from the “ideological shackles imposed by the movement” of her father.

During the campaign, she entrusted the presidency of the party to the faithful Jordan Bardella and was thus able “to direct her communication differently than a spokesperson for the RN would have done, she was freer, more herself (…) less stiff”, notes his special adviser.

Helped by Zemmour

Kisses distributed in the markets, children in their arms, Marine Le Pen plays mothers during the 2022 campaign where the Reconquest candidate attracts extremes and divisions. “She played the populist right card rather than the nationalist right”, analyzes Anne-Charlène Bezzina.

“Eric Zemmour has reinforced, despite himself, the figure of empathy of the RN candidate and the admiration of the voters. In the midst of the storm of departures from her competitor, she was able to show herself straight,” she adds.

Faced with the 15% Reconquest in the first round, the sagging LRs and a Republican barrage “which tires and no longer convinces because it does not offer a concrete alternative”, according to the political scientist, Marine Le Pen gains almost ten points of more than in the previous presidential election. And offers an unprecedented parliamentary group to his party. “The system cannot have two enemies at the same time”, explained for BFMTV Bruno Gollnish during the presidential election, predicting his success against Zemmour.

On the way to 2027

From now on, “there is no reason for her to want to drop out for 2027”, assures Jean-Yves Camus, despite the words that the then candidate had had at the end of March The JDD according to which “she would not represent herself”, “a priori”.

For the next presidential election, the road is straight and marked out, “but full of pitfalls” points out the co-director of the Observatory of political radicalism at the Jean-Jaurès Foundation. Stronger than ever, Marine Le Pen will however have to continue her work of demonization and keep her group in the Assembly.

“It is obvious that a Julien Odoul will have to avoid redoing in the hemicycle what he did at the France-Comté regional council”, warns the expert about the controversy created by the elected RN who had scolded a veiled school guide.

Beyond the announcements of seriousness and the scrutinized appearance of the candidates, the head of the 89 elected officials will have to ensure that they file credible bills, with the correct legal definitions, “in particular when the group will file its text against Islamic ideology” , underlines the political scientist. “She will have to ensure that her troops invest in commission, reliability in the line of sight,” he concludes.

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