Erick Elera supports the entry of Allison Pastor in OnlyFans: “If there is artistic content and money will fall, normal”

Erick Elera surprised the public by admitting that he would approve of his wife Allison Pastor was part of onlyfansjust as some media figures do today.

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In an interview conducted by Verónica Linares, Elera spoke about Pastor’s chances of returning to television after leaving This is war due to an injury. Elera indicated that at the moment she is focused on her business and her work as an influencer.

Before his answer, Linares asked him if he would support the mother of his son if he decides to open an OnlyFans account. The actor confirmed that he would have no problems, because the platform for adults generates large monetary gains.

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“If you say OnlyFans you think it’s half porn, normal. It’s not that it bothers me if there is an artistic content and money is going to fall, normal it can ber. I don’t think she would do anything much more risque.”, indicated the actor of ‘In the background there is room’.

Erick Elera supports the admission of Allison Pastor. VIDEO: YouTube


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