Erick Osores ‘throws flowers’ to Reynoso as possible DT of Peru: “A winning Peruvian comes in handy in the national team”

Juan Reynoso has emerged as the strongest option to put on the ‘Bicolor’ diver after leaving Ricardo Gareca. The ‘Cabezón’ gains more space in the list of candidates and for many, it is an ideal option. Own Eric Osores He saw with good eyes that the national coach is the one chosen to command the Peruvian team.

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In Soccer in America, Osores expressed that he is calm if the information that Juan Reynoso is confirmed as coach of the Peruvian team is confirmed.

People wanted Bielsa, Sampaoli, who are technicians of a European level hierarchy. Club level protagonist of Europe, which was difficult. The decision that it be Reynoso leaves me very calm”, he initially stated.

It generates a special expectation in me that it is Peruvian. It pulls me a little more that he is Peruvian. A winning Peruvian comes in handy in the national team. I like the idea of ​​having him at the forefront of the national team.”, added the sports journalist.

Finally, Osores considered that, beyond being capable, it would be a guarantee that Reynoso is Peruvian since it would be an incentive for the other national technicians. “For me it is a plus that he is Peruvian. It is a prize and it is a mirror for other Peruvians”, he sentenced.

The laurels of Juan Reynoso as DT

In 2009 and 2015, John Reynoso he won the national titles of Peruvian soccer with Universitario and Melgar, respectively. In addition, abroad he broke a long Cruz Azul drought by lifting the Liga MX national championship in 2021.


All about Juan Reynoso: one of the possible candidates to be the new coach of the Peruvian team
Juan Reynoso is one of the candidates to become the new coach of the Peruvian national team. He knows all the details.


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