Erna Solberg: – The messages are gruesome

Several people were injured and several were killed, after a very serious incident in Kongsberg center on Wednesday night.

Both PST and the Ministry of Justice have been notified of the case. Temporary armaments have been introduced by the police throughout the country after the incident.

On Wednesday evening, Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) and Minister of Justice and Emergency Management Monica Mæland (H) met with the press to comment on the case.

– The reports that come about the incident in Kongsberg are gruesome. It is very shocking that something like this happens, says Erna Solberg.

She emphasizes that her thoughts go to the victims and their relatives.

– Unusual in Norway

The Minister of Justice and Emergency Preparedness emphasizes that we currently know little about the background to the incident.

– The Police Directorate has nevertheless decided to temporarily arm the police throughout the country, she says.

Both emphasize that it is too early to say whether this is terrorism or whether there is another motive for the incident.

– Now the police will investigate, and then the main focus now is that the relatives and the affected are well followed up, Mæland says.

– It is not often that we have incidents with so many people involved in Norway, and when it first happens, it is natural to investigate different motives for it, says Solberg.

New government

– Will this affect the change of government tomorrow?

– There is nothing to indicate that. We have a good system for handling this type of incident, and the new Minister of Justice will naturally have to get to grips with this case quickly, says Solberg.

Mæland states that Jonas Gahr Støre has been informed about the case, and that he is responsible for informing other relevant persons about the case.

– Is the new Minister of Justice informed?

– It could be a natural person for Gahr Støre to orient, says Mæland.

– Cruel and brutal

Upcoming Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor Party) says this in a statement on Wednesday night:

– What we have heard from Kongsberg tonight, testifies that a cruel and brutal act has been committed. We still know little about what happened and what is behind it, but we know that several innocent people were killed and that several were injured. Tonight I have been informed by Minister of Justice Monica Mæland about what has happened, he says.

He also emphasizes his sympathy for those affected.

– My thoughts and deepest sympathy now go to those affected, their families, and to the police, health personnel and aid crews who are now working full time to obtain an overview and assist those who need help and follow-up, says Støre.

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