ESA: Disabled people will be able to become astronauts and travel to space in 10 years

It comes true Parastronaut Feasibility Project, developed by the European Space Agency (ESA). Thanks to this initiative, disabled people will be able to become astronauts and travel to space in 10 years.

This ESA project will enable a small selected group to develop orbital missions after a period of adaptation and training, according to what was reported in the report published on the ESA website. The debate.

The agency promised in February 2021 that it would comply with this initiative and this Wednesday, November 23, it became official with the presentation of the program with which people with disabilities in the lower extremities will be able to travel to space as astronauts.

This project is considered revolutionary because it will allow people marked by lack of motor skills due to their respective disabilities to embark on a spaceship to participate in missions. They must have, among many requirements, an exceptional state of form.

What will be required of parastronaut candidates?

Guillaume Weerts, chief astronaut physician at NASA, explained: “The Parastronaut Feasibility Project calls for a complete change in philosophy on medical fitness, a concept of military origin intended to select fighter pilotsand”.

astronaut in space

ESA announced that it would open the doors of space to one or more candidates with a disability in the lower body, less than 1.30 meters in height or leg asymmetry. The required intellectual and psychological skills are the same as for other astronauts..

The new class of astronauts, made up of between four and six selected from almost 23,000 candidates, will succeed the previous one from 2009.

The process demonstrated that disability is not a limitation. In addition, ESA launched a feasibility study on sending a parastronaut on board a manned flight, for example, to the International Space Station (ISS),

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