Esapekka Lappi's nightmare Saturday - see how the Finn crashed out of the lead in Mexico

Esapekka Lappi’s nightmare Saturday – see how the Finn crashed out of the lead in Mexico

Friday was a hit – Saturday was ruined straight away. Esapekka Lappi drove out dramatically on the first stage of the day, and the dream of victory is thus crushed.

After two fairly gutsy initial rallies with the new stable, Esapekka Lappi seemed to have everything clicked in Mexico.

Lappi did a sensationally good Friday, taking home five of eight special stages and leading the rally for Saturday. “Perhaps my best day in my career,” said the success himself after the dream day.

But today the fun came to a quick end. The Finn lost control on the first stage of the day and the eleventh stage of the rally and went off the dirt road with the rear in front.

The brutal disappointment was a fact – and map reader Janne Ferm’s curses echoed from the dust cloud. The special stage had to be interrupted when a power pole fell across the road as a result of the collision, at the same time as Lappi’s car caught fire.

Ogier new leader

The run out means that it is Lappi’s nearest challenger Sébastien Ogier who has taken over the lead. Toyota has a double lead, runner-up Elfyn Evans is close to half a minute behind.

– It is a shame that he is out of the game. I like it when it’s a tough fight. Lappi was incredibly fast, says multiple world champion Ogier.

Kalle Rovanperä is in the fourth place, with over a minute up to Ogier and a little less than half a minute to Trean’s Thierry Neuville.

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