Espina changes the name of the classic: "I think it’s a derby"

Marcelo Espina spent long months without referring emphatically to the moment that Colo Colo lives. During the last week, he defended his work and his influence in shaping the squad that today is the leader of the competition.

“The silence put things in their place, because Colo Colo is going to be champion”, assured the Cabezón, but he was not left alone with that and as in his time as a player he had poignant statements to ignite the so-called Superclásico of Chilean football.

The Squid, lowered the profile to the traditional party and questioned the quality of “classic” that for years has been defined as the most important game in our competition. “I think it’s a derby. The derby belongs to the city, the classic belongs to the country,” express.

“What catches my attention, and I say this with respect and well, is the supremacy of one team over another. Not of the moment, but of the history. I am powerfully struck by the fact that the supremacy is so great. of Colo Colo on the U “added the former captain albo.

To then make the comparison with what happens in other parts of the world, “because in general in the other classics from different parts of the world that does not happen. In the history and in this gap that was generated now for eight years,” he said.

Given Espina’s statements, in Redgol they made the differentiation of both denominations. “The definitions of classic or derby have always entered the arenas of subjectivity, although in Europe the derby is directly attributed to clashes between clubs that have the quality of residents of the city or region”, they published.

“On the other hand, the classic is recognized more as the clash of teams that maintain an extensive rivalry over time, which translates into the balance of the results and the importance they reflect for a certain population, such as, for example, at the national level. “ ended.

The discussion will remain and the definition will fall on the fans, but without a doubt, the meeting between Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile is the one that generates the greatest expectation in Chilean football.

Marcelo Espina, former sports manager of Blanco y Negro.

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