ESPN FC feasts on Emiliano Vecchio

The controversial confession made by the former flyer of Colo Colo Emiliano Vecchio, on the definition of the title of the year 2013 where he revealed that he played for “back” before the Spanish Union they continue to talk.

This, because on that occasion the Hispanics fought inch by inch for the title with Universidad Católica and thanks to the victory against the Cacique, Unión Española was able to be champion after beating Colo Colo by the minimum count, a match where Vecchio did not show his best level, since he was erratic with the ball at his feet and in the execution of the stopped balls.

After the confession of “Fat” Vecchio when saying that he played backwards, ESPN FC had a feast. The most misplaced was Fernando Solabarrieta, who doubted the professionalism of the 2013 Colo Colo squad and coach Hugo González. In addition, he assured that this situation had “messed up football.”

The other panelists Felipe Bianchi, Dante Poli, Marcelo Pablo Barticciotto and Waldemar Méndez They tried to comment, but Solabarrieta was totally taken out, he believed himself to be the owner of the truth and did not let his companions speak.

The moment was tense where even Poli was upset with Solabarrieta’s attitude, but finally, he was able to make his point of view known.

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