Estacio on the descent system: “It’s not fair, but it’s what we got”

Luis Estacio, goalkeeper of the Quindío Sports, spoke with The Lengthen from Snail Radio on the situation of the team and its struggle to maintain the category. The experienced Valle del Cauca goalkeeper makes no excuses, despite not considering the descent system fair.

“We have done everything necessary to be at the height of the championship, from the moment we ascended we said that we were going to work to enter at eight and be protagonists and that is what we have done, “he commented on the current campaign of the ‘Cuyabro’ team.

In this regard, he added: “We know that the situation is quite complex, the tournament led us to that moment, it is an atypical tournament, it is six months and you enter with the worst score. We are doing everything necessary and what is in our power to continue. “

On the recent results of the team, he explained: “unfortunately after the match of Medellin We have had several casualties that have cost us a lot for the entire string of games that we have had. We practically did not rest, we finished playing in B and eight days later we were in the league. “

While he considered that the current format of the relegation is not fair with the newly promoted teams. “Unfortunately that is the tournament, we know that the rules of the tournament are like that, we had to gamble and there we are. It is not fair, but it is what we had to do and we are already on the boat and we are going to sail it to the end “.

“We are doing our best to maintain the category and that is the goal to be among the eight. We are three points behind eighth, we are not doing anything that will take us away from that goal, we are going to work thinking about qualifying, “he concluded in this regard.

Quindío will receive Petroleum Alliance This Friday, he commented about said match: “We know that Alianza is a strong team, a team that has its plus on the bands, we also have our weapons, we are working to counteract everything that Alianza proposes to us. We know that we have no margin for error and we are working match by match“.

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