Esteban Paredes is excited about a hypothetical final against Colo Colo

Esteban Paredes is on the verge of a Chile Cup final in Coquimbo Unido, however they have to turn a 2-1 result against Everton from Viña del Mar, yes, at home and with his people.

That is why the illusion is still intact for the Chilean soccer scorer and in conversation with DirecTV Sports, the former white striker was excited to be able to reverse the game and face Colo Colo in a hypothetical final.

“We have the conviction to overcome the key against Everton, we know that it will be very difficult. It would be very motivating to play a final against Col Colo, but it would also be painful for everything I experienced at the club”, he expressed.

He further added that, “I live a very beautiful stage, day by day I think about continuing to play, I do not think about retirement. The fans here have received me very well, it would be historic to achieve a Copa Chile final and achieve promotion.”

Esteban Paredes in Coquimbo Unido

Finally, it was clear that since he left Colo Colo he has not spoken with anyone from the club. “Since I spoke by phone with Aníbal Mosa, I have not had contact again, neither with him nor with the board. I keep the memory of the fans, that is more important than a farewell match, that is the best memory I have. I have”, he sentenced.

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