Esteban Pavez recounts his difficult moments after contracting COVID: “I was in bed for three days, unable to move and with all the symptoms”

The Colocolino central midfielder was summoned by Eduardo Berizzo to participate in the Asian tour of the Chilean National Team. However, the player could not say he was present at any game and had to stay isolated in a hotel, after contracting COVID.

© Agency OneEsteban Pavez suffered with COVID in Korea

The Asian tour of the Chilean National Team had, at first, several colocolinos among its ranks. However, injuries were reducing the list and it had to run. One of those who was nominated was Esteban Pavez, who was awarded for his great performance in the first semester with Colo Colo.

However, Huesi did not get to play. It is that the white midfielder was infected with COVID and had to stay locked up in a hotel in South Korea, while he recovered. But this recovery was harder than expected, because Pavez suffered with the symptoms and had a pretty bad time with the disease.

This is how Esteban Pavez himself told it. In a conversation with ADN, the midfielder pointed out that “I feel much better and I hope, as the days go by, I feel 100%. COVID hit me hard, with all the symptoms and I was in bed for three days. I could not move”.

Regarding his frustrated participation with the National Team, the white youth squad pointed out that it was “eagerly. Being there will always be a pride for me. You wanted to play, but hey, it’s something we’re all living with. I hope to have a rematch soon in the Chilean National Team”.

The problems due to contagion followed Esteban Pavez until his arrival in Chile. It is that, although he was already discharged, the time he was unemployed prevented him from being present at the Colo Colo match against Deportes Temuco at the Monumental Stadium. In fact, it is very difficult for him to start the second leg at the Germán Becker.

In this regard, the Cacique player pointed out that “I feel good, although I don’t know if I’m 100%, because it hit me hard. With the passing of the days I have felt better, andI hope to arrive in the best shape on Tuesday. For the Copa Sudamericana I want to be there, I have felt better and better training”.

Finally, the ’23’ clarified that “The physical part has always been one of my strengths and I know that I have to be 100% to show the level I had last semester.. I can give much more.”

Colo Colo prepares to face Deportes Temuco this Thursday, June 23 at 6:00 p.m. at the German Becker Stadium. You can follow all the details LIVE and ONLINE through

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