Esteban Pavez shows his pride at being part of the Chilean National Team: “It is a reward for the effort for what has been done in the year”

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The Colo Colo midfielder was nominated by Eduardo Berizzo to be part of the tour of Europe, in which Chile will face Morocco and Qatar for the FIFA date.

Esteban Pavez wants to show his credentials to carve out a place in Chile's midfield
© ANFP CommunicationsEsteban Pavez wants to show his credentials to carve out a place in Chile’s midfield

While the Colo Colo squad is experiencing the last day of the mini-vacation they had after the victory against Cobresal, there are four players who are under the orders of Eduardo Berizzo in the Chilean National Team. La Roja is already in Spain to prepare for the matches that will be played against Morocco and Qatar.

Brayan Cortés, Gabriel Suazo, Jeyson Rojas and Esteban Pavez are the representatives of the Cacique on the national payroll, who hope to be protagonists of the new process in charge of Toto. The call caught everyone in a tremendous moment and, furthermore, for one it is a revenge for not being able to be on the Asian tour that took place in June.

Esteban Pavez was nominated for the matches that Chile played against South Korea, Ghana and Tunisia, however, he was unable to participate due to contracting COVID and was isolated in a Korean hotel. For the same reason, he wants to take advantage of this instance to continue demonstrating the tremendous level that he has exhibited in Colo Colo.

Regarding his call, Huesi stated that he lives it “always with great pride, with great commitment, it is very important to be in the national team and I take it with joy and it is a reward for the effort for what has been done in the year”.

In addition, he spoke of the importance of these jobs for the future of the Everyone’s Team, since “it is very important to get to know the coaching staff, the jobs are very intense, with a lot of commitment and we are all focused on winning both games. They are very committed to repeating the work, which is important to get to know the coach’s idea, we are very committed to doing it in the best way and thus get to these two games that are coming up well”.

Chile will face the Moroccan National Team this Friday, September 23, starting at 4:00 p.m. Four days later, the Tuesday 27, they will travel to Austria to face the hosts of the World Cup, Qatar, in a duel that will be played at 2:00 p.m.

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