Estelle and Oscar's secret vacation with Grandma Ewa – the picture from the summer paradise

Estelle and Oscar’s secret vacation with Grandma Ewa – the picture from the summer paradise

The children probably had a wonderful time there!

It’s been a lovely summer for our royals! They have mostly spent the summer on Öland and Solliden. We have previously caught a glimpse of them during concerts and during Victoria Week. But the children, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar, have also had time for a detour.

According to information given to Svensk Damtidning, the children Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar visited their grandparents, Ewa and Olle Westling, and enjoyed the summer weather and tranquility at the “secret” red family farm in Acktjära, which is just outside Bollnäs.

The nightmare message to Daniel from home Ockelbo!

From the beginning, the red family farm was an old soldier’s barracks, and Olle Westling and his ancestors have lived here for several generations.

Olle and Ewa have chosen a life in the shadows. For example, we haven’t seen any official pictures of Ewa since 2018. It was then at the opening of Ockelbo’s new combined hall, Ugglebo Arena.

This has now created questions about her whereabouts, and whether she has had the opportunity to meet her son, Prince Daniel and the grandchildren again.

Victoria and Daniel’s retreat

This particular house also played a role already during Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel’s first year together, it simply became their refuge. And when the corona crisis ravaged, the farm functioned as a solution in a new and tricky life situation. They don’t live as crowded there, which opened up the possibility of spending time outdoors.

Because here Ewa and Olle live in the red main house, while Victoria and Daniel have their own smaller log house on the plot. And then there is a small house with room for the bodyguards from Säpo.

Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar visited the grandparents

The Westling family’s house in Acktjära.

Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria were also present in Ockelbo when a shooting took place at a pizzeria, just five minutes from Ewa and Olle Westling’s terraced house on Sunday. However, according to the court, they were not nearby when it happened.

Man shot at Estelle’s favorite pizzeria – Victoria and Daniel were close to the shooting drama

– Yes, they were in the area. However, not close to the crime, information manager Margareta Thorgren told Svensk Damtidning.

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