Estelle’s secret friendship with the mega-celebrity’s daughter

To her great delight, Princess Estelle has had friends visit Solliden this summer!

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Princess Estelle grows up as a future crown princess and heir to the throne, no easy responsibility for a 10-year-old to shoulder. Victoria and Daniel obviously do everything to ensure that their daughter grows up and has a long and happy childhood, as similar to her peers as it can be.

As the oldest child in both the cousin and sibling groups, Estelle has always set a good example and there are countless occasions when we have seen her take little brother Oscar by the hand and be a real big sister.

But sometimes it’s nice to just be able to let loose and have fun with friends, and she really got the chance to do that this summer!

Solliden has been the scene of several wonderful music events in recent months and several times there have been artists that Estelle just likes. When they stand there in the castle ruins at Borgholm, we have been able to see that she has not been alone either. Among other things, she has spent time with her siblings, the 14-year-old twins Chloé and Anaïs.

They have been visiting together with their father, Patrick Sommerlath, who is the nephew of Queen Silvia and thus the cousin of Victoria, Carl Philip and Madeleine.

Estelle and her friend at a concert

As if that wasn’t enough, the Crown Princess couple’s good friend, the hockey legend Mats Sundin, has also been visiting. He brought his daughter Bonnie, who is Estelle’s age, with him and the two had a great night together watching a concert by popular boy band Hov1. So much fun for the princess to hang out with her friends during the summer vacation!

Princess Estelle with her friend Bonnie, Mats Sundin’s daughter.

Suvuad Mrkonjic/TT

Prince Daniel has a great interest in sports and of course shares this with Mats Sundin. They have been seen playing golf together and in 2018 a charity match was played in Ockelbo where Prince Daniel participated together with Mats Sundin.

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