Estuador Huancavelicano has represented Peru in festivals in Europe

PERUVIAN WHO IS RESPECTED. Every day, the Huancavelican stevedore Agustín Quispe Huamán (40) carries huge boxes and crates of fruit on his back, supporting a weight of almost a ton. A trade that he has been doing for more than fifteen years at the Frutas N ° 2 Wholesale Market in La Victoria and that has allowed him to raise his family.

Despite more than twelve hours of hard work, she takes time to cultivate the art of scissor dancing. The talent of this family man was discovered in the program Ecstatic from, led by Juan Carlos Orderique.

We learned that he has been considered the best scissor dancer in Peru and has represented our country in various festivals in Europe with the international cultural group Yawarllaqta.

Huancavelicano has participated in festivals in Europe

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Born in the region of Huancavelica, San Cristobal town center, Sacracancha annex, Quispe has been dancing the scissors dance for more than 20 years and is known in the cultural environment as the ‘Golden Goose, the International’.

And not only that, he took the palms and recognition in 2019 with his acrobatics, jumps and strength exercises in countries such as: Germany, Holland, France, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. This talent is also shared with his daughter Joselyn Liz Quispe Quispe (16), known as the ‘Reyna Sunamy’.

“I am very happy to represent Peru abroad with the thousand-year-old dance of the scissors, and to tell everyone that dreams come true when one works hard. Now thanks to the Trome program I was able to make myself known, now in the fruit market they call me Tilin”Joked Agustín, who commented that he has participated in tests of courage, which consist of swallowing snakes and toads, also putting a sword in his mouth, walking on broken glass or embedding cactus in his back, among others.

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Huancavelicano has participated in festivals in Europe
Huancavelicano has participated in festivals in Europe

Know that

  • Father and daughter usually participate in events in Lima and in various provinces of the country
  • Quispe belongs to the United Front of the Five Bases of the Wholesale Fruit Market N ° 2
Huancavelicano has participated in festivals in Europe
Huancavelicano has participated in festivals in Europe


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