ESUR, at the center of the controversy: they ask for reports on garbage collection in La Plata

The councilor of the Frente de Todos, Yanina Lamberti, presented a request for reports for the Executive to explain how the audit and control over the company ESUR, which deals with the waste collection service in La Plata, is. “It takes 25% of our city’s budget, and yet waste management continues to be a huge problem,” he said.

The mayor pointed to the problems that the borrower has to comply with the service and requested information on how the Municipality controls the service, how many vehicles and how many inspectors carry out these tasks on each route and if the stipulated GPS satellite monitoring system was implemented. in the contract document.

“At the end of 2018, the company was awarded the public service of waste collection, sweeping and cleaning of the public highway for 8 years. Since then, more than 25% of the municipal budget is used to pay for this service. By 2022, that figure will rise to 6.5 billion pesos. However, the service does not work as it should and in the city of La Plata micro-garbage dumps are expanding to the detriment of an appropriate recycling plan, “Lamberti said in a statement. And he added that, although the inspection and control of services must be in charge of the Municipality, “there are many breaches and there is a lack of controls and penalties for those breaches.”

The councilors of the Frente de Todos, Yanina Lamberti

Lamberti recalled that they presented projects on the operation of the company on other occasions and now requested “an urgent response.” “It is enough to walk through the city to realize the faults incurred by ESUR in the collection of dry and wet waste, sweeping and cleaning of public roads. In addition, we are requesting that the municipality fulfill the role of control and inspection that he must exercise. It is the Mayor himself who repeats empty speeches and describes a ‘more sustainable city’, while thousands of La Plata do not have a waste collection service, “he said.

In the request, the councilor asked the Municipality to provide information on “the elements and personnel it has to carry out the tasks of Service Inspection and Inspection to the company ESUR SA”. Specifically, he asked to know how many vehicles he has for the inspection of the service for each awarded area; the status of implementation of the GPS satellite monitoring system stipulated in the contract specifications; with which computers it has to carry out the inspection -and years of use-, as well as the number of municipal inspectors dedicated to the task of controlling the service and action protocols. “We believe that without this information we will not be able to know how the municipality exercises the role of auditor for this company,” added Lamberti.

The project also requires knowing if the Community Relations Program and the Pilot Survey Plan were presented in the Urban Area and in the Communal Centers for the management of Urban Solid Waste to achieve the awareness of the population in the withdrawal hours waste, frequency, classification and separation of garbage. The bidding document establishes that the Company must not only present said plan but also have resources for its implementation. “We need information on current programs and the amount allocated monthly for their execution,” said the councilor.

“There are many points that must be explained to all the neighbors. Above all, to those who do not receive the service or receive it poorly. This company takes 25% of the budget of our city, and yet, the Waste management continues to be a huge problem that affects health and the environment we live in, “concluded Lamberti.

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