Ethel Pozo denies abuse of Photoshop and swears that it is natural in photos: “I come out as is, I am as they see me”

WHAT PAPER. Ethel Well She was rebuked in the middle of the “América Hoy” program LIVE for the rocky retouching that went up, without realizing it, in a photograph with Julian Alexander on your Instagram account. In the image part of the driver’s bikini was seen attached to her arm and this morning she responded to the controversy.

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Is it true or myth that Ethel enrolled in an intensive Photoshop course to edit her photos well on her next trips?”, was the question they asked him in the middle of the laughter. However, Ethel Pozo swore that she does not retouch the photos of her.

“I always tell everyone that they have to come out as is, when we take a group photo there are some who say that ‘please, retouch it and upload the retouched one’… I say no because later they will see me in the street and they’re going to tell me ‘hey, you’re not like you come out’…”, he said.

Given this, Brunella Horna He defended her by ensuring that Ethel Pozo has a person in charge who manages her social networks, for which she answered.

“I didn’t do it ma’am, they did it there… And everyone knows that I am as they see me, well tied, my community has to know photoshop. There is nothing wrong with it because then people see me on the street”, he narrowed down.

Ethel talks about her tweaks
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Ethel Pozo and Julián Alexander traveled to Curaçao for their honeymoon and by sharing photos together, Gisela’s daughter made a tremendous blooper that she instantly erased. In the image you can see that on the arm of the host of América Hoy she “cloned” part of her swimwear, so the retouching that she would have done was evident.

“The retouching of her photo went wrong, that part of the bathing suit was impregnated on her arm,” wrote the ‘ratuja’. Given this, Samu Suárez replied: “Ethel noticed at the touch of her retouching error, she deleted it after a few minutes and replaced it with another already well edited, but nothing escapes the ratujas.”


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