Ethel Pozo rebukes the reporter LIVE for not having an exclusive at Tilsa’s wedding: “It’s not difficult!… show”

STRONG! Ethel Well He was enraged with the America Hoy reporter because they failed to climb the wall and show images of Tilsa Lozano’s wedding with Jackson Mora. Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter asked that her team raise the cameras and capture details.

“It’s not that difficult, the wall is small (…) The right… just put the camera there (…) What next (…) Are you going to let your colleague beat you with a ladder? You have two people and you can’t raise the camera and show us the awning?”, he expressed.

Ethel Pozo asked Janet Barboza to call her team’s attention because other media were on their trucks and with ladders in hand.

“Oswaldo, listen to me, there is a public humiliation at this moment, we are seeing reporters from other media that are recording,” he said.


This Friday, November 25, Tilsa Lozano and Jackson Mora will get married at a Pachacamac hacienda. On social networks, the former avenger was shown wearing a mask and joked about her appearance.

I’m going out like this, what do you think? That’s how I’ll go to the wedding, but I do look beautiful. Listen to me, now if he marries me with this on his face, that’s true love,” she said.

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