Ethel Pozo reveals that she deleted photos of her wedding by Janet Barboza’s tripod: “How can she think of it”

WHAT AVOCADO. After spending her honeymoon in the Caribbean with Julián Alexander, the host Ethel Well returned to his program ‘America Today’ and ended up revealing infidelities of his marriage. Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter made Roche pass Janet Barboza for bringing a selfie stick to her wedding.

“”, is the question they ask Ethel Pozo, to which she answers with a resounding yes.

As the driver explained, several photos of her marriage were eliminated because it was on a tripod that the popular “curly hair” took to the wedding. As a result of this and in parody mode, she shared different images with the famous “selfie stick”.

“Remember that a month before I told you that I was going to take a tripod, . On my part I said, Janet Barboza and company, this was my company”, was the justification of Janet Barboza.

Janet Barboza Selfie Stick Prank
Janet Barboza is shown with her selfie stick

Ethel Pozo is once again in command of the ‘America Hoy’ program after returning from her romantic honeymoon. The driver complained because now everyone calls her “ma’am” and she assured that she has gained two and a half kilos.

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